Saturday, August 31, 2013

Around the Grounds of Davies Manor, Bartlett, TN (6 of 6)

Waking from a restful night, a visitor might take a stroll around the grounds.  When this was a working plantation, these now-deserted buildings would have been buzzing before the bees left their hives. (Incidentally, Davies Honey is still for sale inside the manor.)  You would want to be sure that there was wood for the stove and water for the cook.

You might catch some of the hands cooling off here by the well, under one of the many shade trees or on the porch of the cotton cabin.

While those too young to work stayed close to their home.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Day Is Done at Davies Manor, Bartlett, TN (5 of 6)

After a long day of work and play, the family members retire to their bedrooms.  The Davies were fortunate to have three, one master bedroom on the ground floor and two bedrooms for the children above.

The master bedroom is to the right, just off the entry hall, featuring a warm fireplace, a large window facing the front of the property and a big, soft bed.

Upstairs, the children's rooms bear some slight resemblance to those of today.  The older ones might keep a treasured toy on the shelf, but the younger prefer to have theirs within reach.

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Household Chores at Davies Manor, Bartlett, TN (4 of 6)

Of course, life on the typical southern plantation was not all fine dining and parlor music.  The Davies household was no different than any other.  Their chores centered around the three basic needs-
food, clothing and shelter.

The small kitchen included a cupboard and work table opposite a wood burning stove.

Clothing and linens were made from home-grown, home-spun material and assembled with the aid of a modern home sewing machine.

General housekeeping was a continuing battle in the Davies home, since dust and pollen particles were a major component of the fresh air that was invited inside through open windows and doors.

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Dining With the Davies: Davies Manor, Bartlett, TN (3 of 6)

Some guests of the Davies family were lucky enough to be invited to stay for dinner.  You, too may be so fortunate by arranging for a catered dining experience in this cozy, yet formal setting.  For information, contact the organization via

Entering from the main hallway, the visitor is welcomed by the warm overtones of traditional southern hospitality.

After dinner, if you must leave, egress is accommodated through the main hallway.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Front Parlor: Davies Manor, Bartlett, TN (2 of 6)

Prior to the inventions of the twentieth century, the front parlor was the place for friends and neighbors to gather and share a song, especially during the winter months.  In less formal households, the front porch served the same purpose.

The following pictures are from the small but inviting front parlor of Davies Manor, near Bartlett, TN.  When entering from the main hall, your eyes are immediately drawn to the left by this massive piano.

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Davies Manor & Plantation Near Bartlett, TN (1 of 6)

Welcome to Davies Manor, whose original construction dates to the 1830's.  For additional information, visit their website at or, better yet, stop by for a visit.  The knowledgeable docent will lead you through a tour of this living memorial to the Davies family.

The original one-room cabin became the front parlor (on left) through successive additions and the second cabin (on right) was connected via a breezeway that now serves (in part) as the entrance hall.  Come on in to this inviting 19th century home.  Hang your coat and hat on the rack and step into the parlor.